Fire Safety Equipment

Fire Safety

It has become common that most homeowners develop serious personal injuries while doing simple weekend yard work simply because of failure of wearing safety garments and other safety equipment. They may have the tools but they don’t know how and when to use them. When it comes to preparedness for any fire outbreak, you should be well prepared with the fire safety equipment.

Fire safety simply refers to precautions that you should take so as to prevent or minimize the likelihood of fire which leads to death, injuries and damage the property if not well controlled. Fire safety measures always include the one that is planned when the building was being constructed or the already standing implemented structures and also the training that has been conducted to the residents of the building.

Any threat to fire safety is known as fire hazard which may include situations that increase the likelihood of an outbreak of fire and hinders you from escaping from the fire. That’s why you need to have firefighting equipment in place.

Examples of Fire Fighting Equipment

Safety against fire is one of the most crucial things to observe either in business or at home. You can ensure you have fire safety equipment in your Queensland business by having the right firefighting equipment which ensures maximum protection against fire and also the lives of firefighters. Some of this equipment includes:

  • Fire extinguisher – Every business premises or any establishment whether small or large must need this equipment.
  • Fire alarms – so as to have an ultimate proof fire protection system this should be your foremost equipment.
  • Firefighting blankets – these really help in preventing the fire from spreading by cutting off the oxygen supply which results in reducing or fully putting off the fire.
  • Fire sprinklers – this works hand in hand with fire alarms. The moment fire alarm is on, the fire sprinklers start raining water with pressure and force. They are effective in extinguishing the fire.
  • Fire hose – major fires requires a huge amount of water propelled in high pressures and the fire hose is there to help you in this. Every building should be having this pipe.
  • Firefighting truck – this refers to a vehicle that is usually customized to fight the fire. Most municipalities have these trucks to extinguish any fire around.
  • Fire detectors/ smoke, fire, and carbon dioxide detectors – they are automatically designed to detect any unwanted availability of fire by monitoring the surrounding environment changes in line with combustion.
  • Fire buckets – this bucket is either filled with water or sand and is effective in preventing and extinguishing minor fires.
  • Fire escape ladders – they are effective if your premises or home has a number of stairs

In addition to this firefighting equipment, we have some safety wears or garments worn by firefighters. Let’s explore some.

Fire Safety Wears

  • Dust mask and respirators – they prevent your lungs from taking in harmful chemicals and other air pollutants/contaminants. Dusk masks simply are designed to help stop dust, dirt, and debris from entering into your nose and mouth. Respirators cleanse the air from dust particles before breathing it in.
  • Gloves – these are easy to find and they include rubber, latex, electrical insulated, chemical resistant, heat resistant etc. they protect your hands and arms
  • Ear plugs/head phones – unexpected high sound may destroy your ear that’s why you need to have hearing protection plans in your premises.
  • Hard boots and hard hat with face shield