Fire Protection Services

Keeping your space protected during the holidays

Holidays are the most anticipated time of the year. People make plans for going on vacations and office staff looks forward to a relaxing time spent with friends and families. However while holidays bring much excitement, it also brings the fear of a fire hazard for both business and homeowners. More often than not a fire is started in an empty space either due to a short circuit or an accidental incident in a nearby area.

The following tips from fire protection services in Sydney would help reduce incidences of a fire hazard. When going for vacations or holidays make sure of the following.

Switch off all electrical appliances

When you plan to go on a holiday for an extended period of time, it’s advisable to turn off all electrical appliances. Also make sure you check out the wiring for any sort of frays or kinks. All bare spots must be seen to immediately. For commercial work spaces if you want to keep the sign boards working just make sure to use LED lights. These lights don’t heat up that fast and you can even set a timer for them. This means they are automatically switched off during the day.

Also make sure to check out each and every space in the room if heaters or air conditioners have been switched off. Often space heaters left switched on become a cause of a fire hazard.

Prevent pipes from leakages

Leakages may cause a pipe to burst and water to keep on leaking. In case a fire occurs your sprinkler system might not work at all due to burst pipes. This can led the fire to spread quickly and there would be very little that could be done to save your property. Before going on a vacation, make sure to check whether all plumbing is in working order.

Is all fire protection system in working order

Another thing to be kept in mind is to ensure that all fire extinguishing equipment is in working order. This means the sprinkler system should work if any traces of smoke are detected and fire alarm systems should work so that a timely signal can be sent to fire protection services in Sydney. You can ask the local fire protection services company to come and check whether all equipment is in working order or not. You may be charged a nominal fee. These regular periodic inspections can be pretty useful and can be done for a nominal fee only.

Make sure you have an innovative fire protection system

If you haven’t had a fire protection system installed, it’s always wise to have one installed before closing down for the holidays. It’s essential for all homes and offices to be safe from any sort of fire hazard and this is only possible if a fire extinguishing system is installed in the residential or commercial building. If you haven’t already fire proofed your home or office, it’s high time you do so.

For more information on fire protection services in Sydney, make sure you contact a professional service company.