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5 Fire Protection Measures You Should Know About

Fire protection is one of the most essential things to work out in a building’s construction. First of all, it is a safety precaution. You never know when something might catch fire. There can be a short circuit due to some faulty wiring or just carelessness of workers around hazardous areas of the building. A fire can cause major damage to goods and to human life too. Secondly, it is also a legal requirement. Building without fire exits and proper fire protection mechanisms are illegal. So, you save lives and fine together by installing this equipment:

1. Fire protection systems

You can get these systems installed for active and passive fires. These systems not only provide you with state-of-the-art fire protection measures, but also fire prevention measures. They install sprinklers, fire extinguishers, alarms etc. Everything that you need will be provided for you. They will provide you the solution no matter how complex your building architecture is. You can find many vendors out there but one of the best fire protection companies Melbourne is Trojan Fire.

2. Fire Exits

The first rule of fire management is to provide adequate ways to exit the building. One has to ensure that all exits, all stairways, all pathways are clean, ventilated and free of obstacles so that they are effective in case of an emergency. Empty spaces play a key role in fire management. This is because there is no way the fire can reach anyone in the open space. With proper fire exits, there should also be signs around the building that point to the exit. This is necessary to allow people to exit the building easily when in emergency or panic.

3. Maintain your equipment

fire fighting equipment

Every detector, every sprinkler, every fire extinguisher installed in your place requires proper maintenance. You should check your equipment regularly to see if everything is working fine and that it will deliver in time of an emergency. Some smoke detectors come with a “check” button that you can press at any time and the device itself will run a full diagnostic and tell you if anything is wrong. Fire extinguishers are also effective for a specified amount of time so they should be refilled at the proper time.

4. Use flame-retardant materials

There are many companies out there that provide flame-retardant materials. They produce special materials that are capable of extinguishing fires when they are lit. Thus, they control the flow of fire from one part of the building to another. You can make your attic, basement or any place where there is a risk of a fire with these materials and they will protect you from fire. You can make special rooms out of these materials that can be used as a safe place in case of an emergency.

5. Get a fire inspection

You can get your building inspected by the fire brigade to ensure that everything is fire-safe. This comes with a fee but it is nevertheless necessary. They will check the whole place to ensure that there is no leakage current or a broken gas pipe or anything else that can cause a fire. They will also check your fire protection system for any errors  or anything that might require maintenance.