Excavator Tracks

Information on Excavator Rubber Tracks

Do you want to improve the overall performance of your excavator? A correct excavator rubber track is what you need. It can make the excavator to move on hard surfaces while still maintaining the required off-road strength.  When combined with other high-quality internal track structures, it can increase traction, prolong undercarriage life, and reduce vibrations thus giving you a comfortable ride.

With the right kind of rubber trucks, excavators can optimise their budget by ensuring that they acquire an utmost ground connection. The quality will also enable the excavator to move about without difficulty and at ease across the different types of soil.

Whether you have a highly efficient spider excavator or a standard one, the rubber tracks it uses often work in harsh environment and therefore, they are prone to wear and tear. This will require a replacement after a specific period.  However, before deciding on making any purchases, it’s wise consider the overall quality and longevity of the tracks.

Below are important things you should consider when buying an excavator rubber tracks.

1.Steel lining

The presence of a steel lining is useful because it keeps the rubber tracks from stretches beyond their limits. This will help your tracks last for a long period thus protecting the wheels of the excavator from any damage. It is necessary to take advantage of quality rubber tracks that does not get torn, ripped or damaged due to a lot of wear and tear by the excavator. As such, consider testing the ripping capacity and purchase the trucks only if the results are satisfactory.

  1. A correct track

Given that there are different types of excavators choosing the correct type of track is essential. Besides, you should consider the type of environment that your excavator operates. In case you are operating the machine in a concrete floor, it will be appropriate to go for softer tracks that cannot damage the surface. In addition, you will need to determine if the rubber track can suppress the excavator’s noise.

  1. Information

Always consult a reputable manufacturer in the market to get an idea of using these tracks at different ground surfaces. Given that excavators are accessible in different models and with different tracks, having such information is important. Remember to do your bit by carrying out a small research which will be helpful while comparing leading brands.

  1. Brand and Maintenance

Purchase tracks whose parts are easily replaceable and available. Go for dealers who will assist you in installation and maintenance of these tracks. In this case, applicability and working conditions of the excavator should be considered as prime factors while doing a replacement of an excavator rubber track.

  1. Quality and lifespan

Before arriving at your decision to purchase the rubber, examine its longevity and overall quality. It will be appropriate to consider the one that will offer you the best service and its durable. Therefore, choose that one that is original and synthetic combined technology to afford resistance to abrasion and superior flexibility


Your excavator’s undercarriage requires maximum protection regardless of the environment in which it operates. Given that such machine is highly prone to damage, having a good excavator rubber track is necessary to prevent downtime and loss of revenue. Essentially, reliable rubber tracks are responsible for its durability and exceptional performance. In spite of the drop-off in the ground pressure, this track can force the machine to use lower energy to move the excavator.