Drum Pumps

Drum pumps are usually used to empty a drums, tanks, barrels and other similar containers. Some factories and other personal use drum pump to transfer liquids from a tank because some drums or tank are heavy to carry and tip to transfer liquid with no spill or leakage. It is successfully used in almost all industry all over the world.

What are Drum Pumps made of?

Drum pumps are made of a vertical shaft inside a narrow tube which fits inside the drum opening. The pump motor is attached to the vertical shaft at the top of the tube outside and above the drum and the pumping element is located at the end of the shaft inside the drum. Pump tube that is capable of fitting containers for about 39”. The ground lead that prevents potential sparking and static build up between conductive equipment by grounding structures. Motor adapter that allows to easy transfer of motor to another drum pump. A differential pressure gauge indicates when elements need to be charged. The bung adapter includes sealing bung adapter. The hose that heavy duty reinforces clear Polymerizing Vinyl Chloride or the so called  PVC it is usually 3/4 in x 18 in size. Dispensing nozzle provides continuous flow and safe lubricant transfer. Rubber dust cap that prevents contaminants from entering the dispensing nozzle when not in use. The rotary action allows smooth and continues transfer for about 10 GMP per 100 revolutions. the comfortable wood handle is connected in rotary action for easy to rotate. Some drum pumps are padlocked for security.

Different Types

There are some different types of drum pumps. The pump kit acid alkalis, it is used for transferring acids and alkalis like boric acid hydrochloric acid, hydrofluoric acid, phosphoric acid and liquid fertilizers. Pump kit Juniorflux, use for filling, transferring or dispensing small amount of acid, alkalis, deionized water, cleaning agent and photo developers. Pump kit concentrated acids and alkalis, for transferring concentrated acid and alkalis like chromic acid, nitric acid, sulfuric acid and sodium hypochlorite. Pump kit petroleum product, use for transferring petroleum products like diesel oil, fuel oil, and hydraulic oil. Pump kit high flammability liquid, use for transferring high flammability liquids like acetone, ethyl alcohol, methyl alcohol and toluene. Pump kit universal applications, use in some industries like for example chemical, food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, paint, and varnishes. And the pump kit 99.98% drum emptying, this is used for the safe and cost- efficient solution for transferring high value or hazardous liquids. There is also some basis of drum pumps like according to its lift control. First is the hand pump lift control, this kind of lift control takes for about 78 pumps of the hand pump to lift a drum to maximum height. This consist of pump handle and the release valve. Electric power lift control, this lift control use switch to raise the drum. Lower the drum with manual release valve. This lift control consists of the monetary switch and lower control. Air power lift control, this uses on and off valve to raise and lower the drum. Battery power lift controls, this is a self-contained battery power-lift. This use valve to raise and lower the drum. 12V deep cycle battery and separate charger are included. It has a start switch and a valve handle.