Electrician Services in Gold Coast Area

Reliable Electrical Services

It would not be an overstatement to say that electricity is the mark of civilization in today’s world. The working of television, computers, kitchen appliances, workplace machines, or plant equipment is dependent on it. Continuity of everyday work is not only dependant on electricity supply but it also has to be available through a system that is safe, operational, and reliable. Few things need to be handled with as much professionalism as the Electricity. Whether you are a consumer at home, managing an office, or you are responsible for the operation of official units like copiers, the interruption in electricity can put a halt on everything. Literally! Besides, with the Electrical Equipment Safety System (ESSS) laws being regularly updated, you need to be aware of the type of equipment and supplies allowed by the Government of Australia, which can be challenging for some.
But no worries! We are here to ensure that your chores and tasks are not held due to any electricity supply problems. We offer reliable, competitive, and professional electrician services in Gold Coast area. We are aware of, and are compliant with Australian/New Zealand Wiring Rules (AS/NZS 3000:2007), placed to protect the consumer’s best interest and safety.

Electrical Services at Home

We provide expert electrical services for installation in new constructions as well as repair in existing homes. For new constructions, we can help you plan and install domestic electrical appliances like power outlets for general use, indoor, stairways, and outdoor lighting, fans and their dimmers, and safety switches. Apart from the other electrical outlets, we can assist you by laying the outlets for phone and televisions. We can also assist you in making your home safer through installing smoke and fire alarms, and CCTV outlets. Not only can we recommend you material and supplies that are compliant with The Electricity Act 1945, but we can further assist you in choosing cost-effect yet high-quality equipment.
In existing housing, we can help you replace the old wiring and switchboards. Additionally, we can perform periodic quality checks for main switches, circuit breakers, and wiring. This overhaul may not only reduce your electricity consumption but might even prevent any future hazard. You can never be too careful with electricity!

Electrical Services at Office

As with homes, we can assist you in designing, planning, and installing electrical systems at offices. Whether the facility contains an office, a store, warehouse, or a shop, we can help you place suitable lighting, appropriate and practical outlets for equipment, managing special areas with low voltage/single phase lighting, and shock prevention equipment. The facility of periodic quality checks and upgrades of wiring, outlets, switchboards, and panels is offered for office places as well.
Work health and safety (WHS) and Electrical Safety (ES) laws require that all workplaces are actively ensured for the safety of their employees. Therefore, apart from installation, we can perform the mandatory health check services. Moreover, we can assist you in obtaining and renewing the Certificate of Compliance, which requires the safety check of both the electrical equipment and electrical installations. We will also be happy to assist you in renewing the existing certificate after the 5 year period, required by the law.
We can guarantee efficient and professional installation and competitive troubleshooting or repair of electrical supply faults, available to serve you at a very short notice. You can count on us!